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A Reef / Saltwater Aquarium controller based on an Arduino Mrk1000 and controlled remotely by an Universal Windows Platform app. Reef Controller Project showcase by Shawn Leclair

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Aquarium controller is a huge help for every aquarium owner. It can control LEDs (turn it slowly on and off at a given time), measure the water temperature (and turn on the alarm if the temperature is too low or too high), feed your fish, monitor the water level, check the pH of water, etc.

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The Ferduino Aquarium Controller is the better code Open Source available today. The code have many functions that the more famous and expensive controllers can offer. The code is fully adaptable to your requirements and is available in six differents languages. And now with the new Ferduino Mega 2560, assemble your controller will be more easy.

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Robo-Tank is the fastest, and easiest to use DIY aquarium controller available for freshwater, saltwater or reef tanks. The controller gets its lightning speed using two 32-bit microcontrollers, one for the display and one for the actual controller.

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DIY Aquarium computer (arduino) - Temperatuur sensor Controller (Arduino wordt weg gewerkt dus moet zijn temp monitoren) - PH meter - Flow meter (hoeveelheid water wat door filter gaat in l/hr) - Water niveau meter filter - Lux meter (licht sterkte gewoon omdat het kan)

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This is my Raspberry Pi aquarium controller. I used a Raspberry PI, SainSmart relay board, and an Arduino Uno. I wrote the program in Python, actually I wrot.

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/11/2012Aquarium controlled with an Arduino Update: I've had a few requests for the source code, it can be found here: pastebin/4Bi5dVDQ Feel free to use my code

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Aqua: My Touch Interface Aquarium Controller (Arduino

DIY LED Arduino web interface. DIY Rain Gutter Aquarium Hood. Diy Strainer for Intake of Aquarium Filter. Arduino controlled aquarium dosing pump. Introduction to the Arduino Microcontroller. Arduino Aquarium Controller Prototype Demo. Pololu Controller dimming DIY LED aquarium lights. Arduino Aquarium Light Controller Sunrise.

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DIY Arduino Apex aquarium controller. August 20, 2015 Deven Leave a comment. I started building my arduino based controller from the same project. So far it runs tiny web server for the web interface. Logs sensor data to an SD card. Controls an 8 channel relay board.

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2/29/2011 3 So lets start with the brains of the controller: Arduino Mega 2560 I will be using the Arduino Mega as the micro-controller for this system. The reason I choose the mega over the uno will

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A simple, Arduino based freshwater aquarium controller - thisischris/aquarium_controller

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) Open Source Aquarium Controller Project - Hoping that someday will be able to do the same. The good thing with Arduino, is its modular. The good thing with Arduino, is its modular. You can add more features as you learn more.

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/22/2013 wide screen TFT LCD. . . . Log in or Sign up. DIY DIY Arduino LED Controller. Discussion in 'Equipment / DIY / Reviews' started by MagicJ, Jan 2, 2013. The Reefuge.